Autism Alert Card

22/01/15 - The Kent Autistic Trust Family Support Service can provide people with an "Autism Alert Card"


This card has been designed to alert the police and other emergency services to the fact the holder has an Autism Spectrum Condition.

The card alerts the emergency services that the holder may have difficulty communicating and may appear anxious in unfamiliar surroundings or exhibit behaviour which, to the unaware, may seem strange and could be misinterpreted.

The card is likely to be of most benefit to those who access the community independently but could be helpful for those who usually have the support of a carer or parent particularly if they were lost. It is available to all ages

To receive an application form please phone Emilymay on 01634 405168 or email her at with your name and address or please click on this link to print the form Kent Autism Alert Card - application form and send it to Emilymay at The Kent Autistic Trust, 14 High Street, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5AE